“I am a body that possesses / limited cognition – / an integral / but trivial speck / of infinity.” ~ I Am


“sanctuary from the unchained dragon down the block – / jade eyes flashing as it swoops on bony wings, / red reptilian scales / of spent syringes / and inverted bottles / bristling in a frenzy / to gorge on the festering -” ~ Yin and Yang


“A trembling sun drips / beads of molten gold / onto disc-shaped pebbles / washed smooth by the surf / that ebbs and flows / with the sensual rhythms / of love-making,” ~ Neruda on the Beach at Capri


“They come with casseroles in hand / and hugs that echo through my hollowness –" ~ Shiva Call


“The sun streams through windows / blanketing me with its radiance – / an energizing rebirth / even for the padded paws / scrambling to greet me / with sloppy kisses / and welcome a new day.” ~ Morning Rapture


“Inky swells heave – / the rhythmic breathing / of sapphire seas / crested with / flashes / of gold / as the sun sinks / below the horizon / and drowns the waters / in darkness.” ~ Sapphire Seas


“ghosts of morning mist / hover above still waters / overturned canoe” ~ Mourning Mist Haiku


"Body encrusted with dried mud, / scales lose their traction / rendering the snake immobile; / unable to escape, it slowly bakes. / The mighty anaconda heaves in agony, / reptilian head thrust backward, / gaping jaws raised towards the sky; / silent screams / rage against its earthen prison” ~ Anaconda


“Surly leaden clouds surrender muted beams of light, / Revealing a barely discernable pinpoint adrift, / Spied by weary seagulls buffeted by winds in midflight, / It's a fisherman bravely casting a net from his skiff.” ~ Lake Winnipeg


“even the dogs / have refrained from yelping – / they whimper in their sleep / while their feet twitch / as they chase imaginary rabbits.” ~ Escape


“a spray of letters and syllables / coalesce into droplets of words - / iridescent sounds tinkle / trickling into an ephemeral pool / of stanza and verse” ~ conception


"I think of the souls / who whisper their secrets / trying to explain / their spectral existence, / frustrated - / the dead / without words." ~ Noche tras Noche / Night After Night



University of British Columbia Okanagan and Inspired Word Café Milkcraters of the Moon Reading Series Open Mic - Milkcrate Records, Kelowna BC
Royal City Literary Arts Society Reading - Poetic Justice / Poetry New West, New Westminster BC


Federation of BC Writers Guest Reading - BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, Vancouver BC


Society for Learning in Retirement Guest Reading - The Martin Centre, Kelowna BC


The Shaftesbury Guest Reading - Shaftesbury Park Residence, Winnipeg MB


OJCA Luncheon and Book Signing Guest Presentation - Manteo Resort Waterfront Hotel, Kelowna BC


The Kelowna Characters Book Club Guest Reading - Kelowna BC


Culture Days and the Kelowna Arts and Culture Festival 2019 - Yes, Her Poetry Really Is in Orbit around Mars Guest Consultation and Book Signing - Rotary Centre for the Arts, Kelowna BC
Culture Days and the Kelowna Arts and Culture Festival 2019 - Poetry as Compact Storytelling Guest Reading, Audience Q & A, and Book Signing - Rotary Centre for the Arts Mary Irwin Theatre, Kelowna BC


Central Okanagan Retired Teachers Association Luncheon Guest Reading - Coast Capri Hotel, Kelowna BC
More upcoming events TBA - "Stay Tuned!"















Welcome to the official Fern G. Z. Carr website highlighting the work of this contemporary Canadian poet. Carr is a full member of the League of Canadian Poets and the Federation of BC Writers. She is a former lawyer, teacher and past president of both the Kelowna branch of the BC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Project Literacy Central Okanagan Society. Published extensively worldwide from Finland to Mauritius, she composes and translates poetry in six languages including Mandarin. Her poetry collection, Shards of Crystal, was released by Silver Bow Publishing in November 2018. Carr is deeply honoured to have one of her poems currently orbiting the planet Mars aboard NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.



"Shards of Crystal is where precision and compassion meet to leave readers in awe as brokenness enters light. Carr is a classic poet who will stand the test of time."

- Cynthia Sharp - Federation of BC Writers Director, Poet and Author


"Shards of Crystal aims to be steady, uncompromising, and rejects easy truths. You will find the news about life here."

- Carmelo Militano - Poetry Radio Show Host, Poet and Writer


"This one shines. Hard to define, but the messages, the words, the phrasing, the layout, caught my attention immediately. I was feeling the emotions, the tension, the disappointments, the anguish, the depths, the uplifts. I could relate to so many of these pieces."

- Richard L. Coles, Editor and Author


"A powerful reminder of the value of life and existence in all its nuances and dualities. I highly recommend it."

- Stephen Karr, BC Library Association LTAS Member at Large, Poet and Reviewer




Amazon.ca | Amazon.com | Silver Bow Publishing



  • Pushcart Prize Nominee; nomination from The Worcester Review

  • Carr's poem, I Am, selected by the Parliamentary Poet Laureate as Poem of the Month for Canada

  • Featured online in the The Globe and Mail

  • Biographical listing in The World's Lawyer Poets from Strangers to Us All: Lawyers and Poetry based on research conducted by Professor James R. Elkins, College of Law, West Virginia University.

  • Carr's poetry was assigned reading for the West Virginia University’s College of Law course entitled Lawyers, Poets, and Poetry.

  • Cited as a contributor to the Prakalpana Literary Movement in India

  • Former League of Canadian Poets' Poet-in-Residence mentoring young writers

  • Poetry included in various peace exhibits including being air-dropped from the sky in Cyprus as part of Spring Poetry Rain

  • Poems translated into German, Crimean Tatar, then published in those languages as well as in Arabic, Tatar Runes and Cyrillic scripts

  • Lesson plans based on Carr's poetry used in some high schools in the USA

  • Featured poet in Sipay, a Seychelles international poetry journal

  • Carr's poetry studied in schools in Seychelles

  • Poetry selected for broadcast by Radio Winchcombe in England

  • Included in AngelHouse Press' worldwide database of women visual poets (one of Carr's poetry styles)

  • Poem, My Secret Fear, published in a collection featuring prominent Canadian poets (1883 - 2014) including Leonard Cohen, Bliss Carman and Irving Layton -- Goose Lane Editions - Where the Nights Are Twice as Long
  • Author's Choice - Carr's poetry chosen by a prominent Canadian writer, poet and playwright, selected from 84 issues of a journal for inclusion in a special 20th anniversary anthology in France
  • Shards of Crystal chosen as Poetry Super Highway's Bookstore featured selection
  • Featured volunteer spotlight for her work in the promotion of literacy
  • Featured guest speaker at the Rotary Centre for the Arts Mary Irwin Theatre for Kelowna Arts and Culture 2019 Festival




  • Haiku presently orbiting the planet Mars aboard NASA's MAVEN spacecraft for NASA's Going to Mars with MAVEN Contest

  • A winner of Il Premio Nazionale di Letteratura "Il Meleto di Guido Gozzano" 4° Edizione (Sezione Autori di Lingua Straniera) for her poem in English and her Italian translation (one of four poets chosen for Canada in this international competition) with a public reading of her poem in Italy

  • Selected for Best Of from Kind of a Hurricane Press

  • Editor's Choice Award from James Ward Kirk Publishing

  • First Place Winner of Newport Review Writing Contest - Poetry (judged by the Poet Laureate of New Bedford, Massachusetts)

  • A winner of The Great Canadian Haiku Contest (judging led by the Poet Laureate of London ON); Carr's poems were set to music by Juno-nominated singer-composer, Royal Wood, who performed this composition at London's Home County's Folk Festival; the concert was also featured on CHRW Radio

  • Various Ohio Poetry Day contests sponsored by the Ohio Poetry Association and Heidelberg University:
    • First Place Winner - Literary Persona Poetry Contest
    • First Place Winner - Small Stuff Poetry Contest
    • Third Place Winner - A Good Idea Poetry Contest
    • Honourable Mention - Love of Life Poetry Contest
    • Honourable Mention - Great Expectations Poetry Contest
    • Honourable Mention - Ohio Poetry Day Special Award
    • Honourable Mention - The Road Taken Poetry Contest
  • A winner of Poetry Super Highway's Poetry Prompt Contest

  • A winner of Contemporary Literary Review India Christmas Theme Contest

  • A winner of Crow Toes Quarterly We're Just Winging It Here Poetry Contest

  • Honourable Mention for World Haiku Review Shintai Category

  • Honourable Mention for Inner Sins Magazine Cross Words Contest

  • A winner of Geist Sentence Invitational

  • Formerly, one of three Canadian bilingual jurors to judge the Manitoba Writers' Guild Lansdowne Poetry Prize / Prix Lansdowne de poésie (Manitoba's largest poetry prize) in conjunction with the Manitoba Book Awards

  • Formerly, one of three Canadian judges to adjudicate The League of Canadian Poets Poetic License Contest for Youth

  • Western Canadian Representative (one of three judges Canada-wide) to adjudicate the Ford & Jaguar Automotive Journalist of the Year Awards for two years




Launched! New titles by FBCW members - WordWorks - Spring 2019


PostScript Magazine - Spring 2019


Full Review of Shards of Crystal on the League of Canadian Poets Website (Click this link to view)


"Fern G. Z. Carr's poems stand out in terms of imagery and creativity but even more so for her ability to elicit strong emotion from the reader. Poetry often does this, but Ms. Carr takes it to the next level - the poems of hers that I read left me angry, saddened, and horrified. But countering that were several poems that invoked whimsy and softness and delight. It's truly a skilled poet who can explore the breadth of emotions while going as deep as she goes. I am thrilled to be able to include her work in A Quiet Shelter There." Gerry Leen - Guest Editor, Hadley, Rille Books


"By turns elegant and whimsical, Fern G. Z. Carr creates original forms for her work that are organic to the poems, as well as precise, imaginative, and intriguing. She makes compelling poetry out of scientific fact, and we've been very pleased to include her voice multiple times in Verse Wisconsin."  Wendy Vardaman ~ Former Co-editor, Verse Wisconsin


"Being multilingual, Carr has a unique voice that she takes full advantage of.  She has an incredible message to deliver to her audience and the structure with which she delivers it is just as incredible."  Dr. Stacia Neeley Campbell ~ Editor, Aries (Texas Wesleyan University)


"Fern G. Z. Carr's poem 'Charm (a.k.a. Putting a Spin on Things)', one of the quark-named poems included in our joint issue on literature and science, stood out for its playful tone, its language, and the freshness of approach.  We liked that it made more than coincidental use of the particle fictions theme, though you don't have to fully understand the science to enjoy the poem."  Kim Jernigan (The New Quarterly) & Anita Lahey (Arc Poetry Magazine) ~ Co-editors, The QuArc Issue


"If Carr were not a poet, I imagine that she might be a potter, taking dull clumps of ordinary clay and transforming them into fascinating, polished and quirky pieces of art.  She certainly achieves a similar effect with language.  Carr clearly revels in the possibilities of language and through her poems, this joy becomes contagious.  Indeed, Carr's poetry has the delightful ability to take that which is familiar - even mundane - and refract that knowledge in wonderfully strange ways.  Innovative, yet free of pretensions, Carr's unique use of language and form invites us to enter a wonderland of the everyday in which we discover ourselves surrounded by more: more beauty, more charm and more humour."  Dr. Anne-Marie Lee-Loy ~ Editor, White Wall Review (Ryerson University)


"What strikes me the most about Ms. Carr's craft is that as a translator of her own poems - as well as others' - she manages this delicate task with ease and is able to distil this almost-psychic ability in a cogent manner. Translating is extremely demanding yet Fern G. Z. Carr is a powerful symmetrist.  The poems I had the opportunity to read had a strange effect on me:  Carr allows you to see in the dark and experience the unbelievable. She has always transported me, as she will transport you, to new depths of thought and emotion with her powerful style."  Walter Ruhlmann ~ Translator, Writer, Publisher and Editor mgversion2>datura


"Through the poems of Fern G. Z. Carr, I experience a voice in which disparate elements are musically reconciled.  I experience the loveliness of a Chinese garden coupled compassionately with a skid-row street.  I witness the spirituality of the dawn combined with the animal joy of the cat.  I am drawn into the Whitman-esque union of infinite space and nearby grass.  Hers is a poetry of searching elevation and familiar concreteness."  William Reyer, Professor of English and Department Chair (Heidelberg University); Ohio Poetry Day State Contest Chair




  • Goodreads - Ask the Author: Fern G. Z. Carr Q & A

  • Whole Terrain - Antioch University

  • Words With Writers W3 Sidecar 

  • The Eyeopener - Ryerson University

  • The Centrifugal Eye - 2 interviews

  • Room

  • Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) television interview with Carr (in French)

  • Madame Perry's Salon - Blog Talk Radio Show

  • University of Winnipeg - P.I. New Poetry on CKUW 95.9 FM (Click below to play the broadcast.)


University of Winnipeg - PI New Poetry Radio Show


Sample Poems

  • Scarlet Leaf Review - Snapshots

“with bombastic swagger / and the braggadocio / of corncob rows / of bleached teeth / mugging behind / artificially parted lips / ventriloquist-like / speaking in goudas, bries, / emmenthals and gruyères,"


  • Coldnoon Travel Poetics - Under Cerulean Skies

    “where the babel below / evanesces into archways / and walls awash / with patterned ceramic tiles – / under cerulean skies / resplendent in their golds, / greens, whites and blues / glistening in the glory / of the African sun”


  • Bones II - Are Ya Feelin' Lucky

    "your dessicated bones / exposed / to the bleakness of eternity, / unaware of the trees beside you / swaying drunkenly in the wind,"


  • Dirtcakes - Lockdown - This Is Not a Drill

    “silence, / total darkness / except for the flickering / of fluorescent-blue lights / as little fingers typed / terse text messages on their cell phones / while they huddled under desks”


  • mgversion2 - Temptress

    "a place where eternity is found among the coral and seaweed -"



Sample Translations

(Written and translated by the poet herself)



  • French - Tentatrice

    "chevelure dorée flottante, seins nus, / une queue argentée iridescente caressée par les vagues; / sa bien-aimée guide doucement son amant mortel / partout dans le royaume de Poséidon;”


  • Spanish - Noche tras noche

    “cuando las paredes / reflejan las sombras / de los árboles bailando / sensualmente / en la luz de la luna, / pienso en las almas / que susurran sus secretos / tratando de explicar / su existencia espectral,”


  • Italian - Io sono

    “Sono entropia – / un assortimento casuale / di ossigeno, carbonio, / idrogeno, azoto / e oligoelementi / dentro un corpo / che esiste / in questo momento, / la sua individualità / organicamente interconnessa / all’universale;”


  • Mandarin - 多 少

    "多 少 孩 子 们 / 在 工 厂 工 作;/ 他 们 不 玩,/ 他 们 不 跑,/ 他 们 不 笑。 / 多 少 女 人 也 不 能 笑?"



Locations Published

Light Purple - States Published

Published in 39 out of 50 states - only 11 more to go!


Australia - New South Wales: Newcastle; West Hoxton Victoria: Geelong Western Australia: Perth

Austria - Puchberg

Canada - Alberta: Edmonton British Columbia: Kelowna; Lantzville; New Westminster; Penticton; Richmond; Vancouver Manitoba: Miami; Winnipeg New Brunswick: Fredericton Newfoundland: Moreton's Harbour Ontario: Cobalt; Kingston; London; New Liskeard; Ottawa; Tecumseh; Toronto; Waterloo; Windsor Québec: Montréal Saskatchewan: Battleford; Regina; Swift Current

China - Chengdu, Sichuan; Hong Kong

Cyprus - Nicosia

England - Bicester; Cambs; Leeds; London; Manchester; Winchcombe

Finland - Vantaa

France - Le Reposoir, Haute-Savoie; Leucate; Nantes; Paris; Toulouse

Holland - Amsterdam

India - Maharashtra: Pimpri National Capital Territory of Delhi: New Delhi Punjab and Haryana States: Chandigarh Uttar Pradesh: Anupshahr West Bengal: Calcutta

Ireland - Riverside, County Sligo

Israel - Jerusalem; Metulla

Italy - Agliè; Turin

Malawi - Zomba

Mauritius - Quatre Bornes

Mayotte Island (Mozambique Channel) - Mamoudzou

Mexico - San Miguel de Allende

Morocco - Tetouan

Nepal - Kathmandu

New Zealand - Auckland

Nigeria - Lagos

Peru - Lima

Philippines - Taguig City

Romania - Constanta

Scotland - Rothesay

Seychelles - Victoria

Singapore - Singapore

South Africa - Cape Town; Pretoria

Spain - Madrid

Sweden - Gothenburg

Thailand - Banglamung

United Arab Emirates - Dubai

USA - Alabama: Birmingham Alaska: Anchorage Arizona: Tuscon Arkansas: Conway California: Berkeley; Del Mar; Los Angeles; Palm Springs; Pasadena; Rancho Santa Margarita; San Francisco; San Jose; San Pedro Colorado: Boulder; Denver; Wheat Ridge Connecticut: New Haven Florida: Daytona Beach; Tampa Illinois: Arthur; Champaign; Glenview Indiana: Anderson; Indianapolis; Muncie Iowa: Shellsburg Kansas: Overland Park Kentucky: Louisville Louisiana: Metairie Maine: Portland Maryland: Hagerstown Massachusetts: Boston; Somerville; Worcester Michigan: Lansing Minnesota: Perham; St. Paul; Winona Missouri: Maryville Montana: Helena Nevada: Las Vegas New Hampshire: Keene New Jersey: Passaic; Princeton New Mexico: Albuquerque New York: Astoria; Franklin Square, Long Island; Jamaica; Mt. Hope; Mt. Marion; New York City; Northport, Long Island; Oakdale, Long Island North Carolina: Asheville North Dakota: Fargo Ohio: Tiffin Oregon: Beaverton; Grants Pass; Portland Pennsylvania: Bethlehem Rhode Island: Newport South Carolina: Charleston South Dakota: Brookings Texas: Abilene; Fort Worth; Houston; Rockport; Waco Virgina: Centreville; Norfolk; Spring Hill Washington: Lacey; Seattle West Virginia: Morgantown Wisconsin: Madison

Wales - Penyrheol, Caerphilly



Carr's haiku is currently orbiting the planet Mars aboard NASA's MAVEN spacecraft.




Dear Readers,

On a personal note, I would like to touch upon my philosophy of poetry.  It would be presumptuous to attempt to define the essence of this craft.  Poetry is so inherently subjective - one poem can have a profound impact on someone whereas another person might not even bother to finish reading the same piece.

In terms of my work, the poems I write often take on a life of their own.  Although I initially focus on particular topics or ideas, my poems sometimes decide to carry me off in a completely different direction.  That is perfectly fine. I just put myself in the hands of my little abductors and let them take me where they will.  I always fancy the literary ride.

I also enjoy composing poetry in different languages and then translating my poems into English.  I sometimes do the reverse, writing the English version first and then translating it into the foreign language of choice.  Both scenarios are different since every language offers its own rhythms and cadences which bring a certain musicality to the translation.

When I translate the work of other poets, I am always very attentive to nuances of meaning.  One of the advantages of translating my own work though, is that I know exactly what I intended.  This of course is subject to the interpretation of others.  Readers often come up with wonderful analyses that surprise and delight me.

I treasure my collection of poems written by other poets.  They span many eras and traverse many stylistic trends.  I have selected only the poems which affect me deeply - the pieces that linger in my consciousness long after I have finished reading them.  These poems give me pause to reflect upon the poet's philosophy, ingenuity and mastery of his craft.  Ideally, that is what I hope to achieve with my work.  If I am able to have that kind of effect on even one of my readers, then I will have accomplished what I have set out to do.


May your lives shine with poetry,




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"Her presentations come highly recommended." Central Okanagan Retired Teachers Association (CORTA)


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